Design Build

At KnK Solutions we take a hard look at the project feasibility
and place value on a 3 stage approach.

Design | Build | Maintain

We firmly believe facilities built with a maintenance mindset are built to last and providing lasting value to the end-users. We propose a scope of work approach outlining budgetary requirements along with recommendation options. We have experienced Critical Facility Project specialists that can provide site-level insight and suggestions for a best in class solution.

Defining Your Scope...

  • Taking a Proactive Approach to our Design, Build, Maintain.
  • Be a leading well respected provider of electrical contracting services for the commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Data Centre, Health care, Critical infrastructure industries.
  • Provide an efficient, cost effective solution for the task requested by our valued customer
  • Provide insight and do the job right the first time
  • Distinguish KnK as being a highly responsive, reliable and trustworthy business partner

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